Grow your 100% BIO fruit plants

Een moestuintje is kinderspel


Eating fruit is very healthy. Everyone knows that. In the supermarket, at the greengrocer’s or at the market you can choose from many varieties. But growing your own is much more fun, isn’t it? Together with your brother or sister and parents you plant a fruit plant and watch it grow. By growing the plant well, first you get flowers and then tasty fruit. And you know: the more and the better you look after the Tasty Green fruit plant, the more fruit it will bear.

All grown by you, all organic. How cool is that?!

On this website, you will find Tips & Tricks to make your own vegetable garden a success, facts about fruit, a fun quiz.

Where does your Tasty Green fruit plant come from?
The soil in the pot is made from…
The enemy of your fruit plant is….
Do you know the answers to these questions?
Then take the quiz!

Tasty Green, Easy Green


The first period of a plant’s growth is the most difficult. Wind, hard rain or hail, drought. All elements that normally hamper the growth of a still small plant in your garden.

Our growers are real experts. They have taken care of this first vulnerable period of the fruit plant. In a greenhouse the conditions for the fruit plant are ideal. It receives exactly the right amount of nutrition at regular intervals. The greenhouse has the temperature that is best for your Tasty Green fruit plant.

The fruit plant that you bought is half-soaked, so that you can take care of it yourself. You can see the fruit start to grow.

If you give your fruit plant a bit of love and water it every other day, your harvest is almost guaranteed! Eaaaassssy!!!



You can put your fruit plants in the garden, or in a nice pot from ELHO. They also have a very nice raised garden bed! You can plant and care for all your fruit plants at once. The pots or your fruit garden bed are made from 100% recycled plastic.

To help you planting and taking care of your Tasty Green Fruitplant, ELHO has made of the same environmentally friendly plastic scoops and watering cans. Also for sale online. Buy these products at

Tasty Green supports the Greenport Boskoop in their Horticulture Battle.
Primary schools receive a high-tec grow cart with UV lighting and on it plants from Grow Up – Tasty Green.

This green school battle raises the awareness of children how plants grow and what else is involved before a plant is placed in a garden or pot.

Pretty (Bio)logical right?

In the picture below you see exactly how your Tasty Green fruit plant
is grown and why the plant, pot, soil and plant nutrition are environmentally friendly.
If you click on the parts in this picture, you will zoom in and get more information about them


The raspberry

Raspberries are very healthy! They contain a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your cells and DNA against other harmful substances. Even when you make jam from raspberries, for example, this substance continues to work!


The blueberry

The blueberry is also known as blueberry. But did you know that they are actually green at first and only then turn blue/purple? It really is a superfood! Of all fruits, they contain the most fibres. They contain almost no calories but a lot of antioxidants that protect against high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

A plant needs water, carbon dioxide and light to make oxygen and food to grow. This process is called photosynthesis. People breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. The blueberry contains the substance anthocyanins which accelerates this process and gives the blue colour. And we enjoy the fresh oxygen in the air again!


The blackberry

If you look at a blackberry it will not surprise you that it is related to the raspberry. They have been eaten for over 2000 years. In the past, they were even used as medicine for people with fever and intestinal problems.

Whether it is a medicine or not is debatable. In any case, they are very healthy. They are full of fibre and vitamins. Good for your immune system!

Blackberries are actually a kind of mini berries that are connected to each other. A blackberry consists of 20 to 50 seeds attached to each other.


The fig

Did you know that the fruit of the fig plant, the fig, is one of the oldest known fruits? The ancient Egyptians already ate them. 

In the past, the fruit was often candied. This is the drying of fruit in a layer of sugar, so that it can be kept longer. Nowadays, however, figs are also eaten fresh in salads. The fig is also delicious as jam.

Figs are very healthy! They have a high nutritional value, many vitamins and fibres, but very few calories (40 kcal). The fig is a little laxative. This means that it is easier to go to the toilet.


The kiwi

The kiwi (Actinidia) is a delicious fruit! Juicy, fresh and sweet at the same time. Like the other Tasty Green fruit plants, the fruit of this plant is also super healthy. This energy bomb gives you the power to start the day. The kiwi contains more vitamin C than many other fruits and is also full of fibre, minerals and antioxidants. A real winner!

A kiwi is very tasty to eat with a spoon, just out of the blue. But in yoghurt or fruit shake, it is also a delicious addition. What many people don’t know (or don’t do) is that you can also eat the skin of the kiwi.


The currant

Currants are also known as redcurrants. The fruits taste sour to sweet-sour and contain a number of yellow-brown edible seeds. 

Currants purify your blood, ensure good digestion and contain little sugar and a lot of minerals. Deliciously healthy!

Currants are delicious on their own, in fruit salads, in puddings, and so on. But making lemonade syrup from them is also very tasty.



The plastic pot in which you receive your Tasty Green comes from ELHO. The plastic used for ELHO pots is 100% recycled plastic! And did you know that the ELHO factory even has its own windmill? This ensures that the pots are made with 100% wind energy! There are beehives on the premises of ELHO. In spring and summer, nearly 2 million bees buzz around the factory. The pots do not benefit from this, but the nature around the ELHO factory does.

ELHO also makes watering cans and rain barrels. Did you know that the watering can is made of 12 used detergent bottles? And that rain barrel is perfect to collect water in your own vegetable garden for your Tasty Green fruit plants. It’s better than tap water, too!

Tasty Green

Tasty Green is the fruit plant line of Perfect Garden. At this nursery, fruit plants are grown in a 100% organic way from a small cutting of a plant until it is large enough for you to grow at home. Only rainwater is used and the nursery naturally combats animals and fungi that are harmful to the fruit plants. Because regarding what you eat, you want to be able to eat with a good feeling.

Besides Tasty Green, Perfect Garden also grows other types of plants, which are grown in the same conscious manner.