Malus domestica ‘Elstar’

Malus Domestica ‘Elstar’ ‘is one of the best known apple trees in the Netherlands. The Elstar apple is a well-known variety you can find at any grocery store, but nothing is more fun than growing this delicious fruit in your own garden. The tree is self-pollinating and has white-pink blossoms in spring. The fresh-sour hand apples can be picked in the fall and have a relatively long shelf life. Apples are high in dietary fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. It also happens to be the most widely eaten fruit in the Netherlands. It is a fairly large fruit with a bright red blush and firm and juicy flesh. Give it space so it can develop into a real tree. All fruit, including the apple ripens best in the sun. So give it a sunny spot. Pruning the apple tree is best done in the winter. The apple tree is almost impervious to disease and easy to maintain.