Malus domestica Rode Boskoop

Malus domestica Rode Boskoop’ is an apple tree that is also known as Goudreinet or Schone van Boskoop. The apple has a dull colour and ranges from green-yellow to bronzy with often a blush. It is a fairly firm apple with a fresh-sour, slightly sweet flavour. Due to its dry and somewhat rough skin, it is less popular as a hand apple. However, because it retains its texture and flavour when cooked, it is one of the best apples for apple pie or apple sauce. The apple tree blooms in April with small white flowers. In September, they are ripe for picking. This apple tree will eventually grow into a real tree, so make sure it has enough room to develop. All fruit, including apples, ripens best in the sun. So give this fruit tree as sunny a spot in the garden as possible. Fruit trees need to be pruned properly, but as a general rule, 3 or 5 main branches should remain on which side branches with flowers and fruit can grow. Branches should preferably not cross each other and the tree should remain somewhat open. Naturally, the tree will have a different desired size in every garden.