Blue grape


vitis vinifera boskoop glory

‘Vitis Boskoop Glory’ is a well-known and widely used grape variety for the garden. It is a climbing plant that can grow several metres high. You can lead it into all sorts of shapes yourself and keep it very compact by pruning it well. You can guide the grape along a pergola or with guy wires on the wall. From July to August, the grape first produces inconspicuous clusters of flowers, after which blue bunches of grapes will form. The fruits are blue in colour, juicy with a sweet taste. You can eat them directly or use them for jam, jelly or making wine. The grape plant needs a lot of sun to ripen and loves heat so a south-facing spot is ideal. The grapes can be harvested from mid-September onwards. The soil should be well-drained, nutritious and preferably not too acidic, rather calcareous. Pruning increases the fruit yield and the plant also looks neater. It is best to prune the plant between November and February, but not during hard frosts. Then prune away superfluous side and main branches. This grape variety is hardy and can handle temperatures down to -23 degrees without any problems.