Blackberry evergreen – climber


Rubus FR. Thornless Evergreen

Rubus Fruticosus Thornless Evergreen’ is a thornless climbing blackberry. When picking the fruit, there are therefore no thorns in the way, therefore extra suitable for a child-friendly garden. The blackberry blooms in May and June with small white flowers. The fruits are ripe for picking from August until frost. Blackberries are green at first, then they turn red and at the end they take on that beautiful dark purple-black colour. They are full of minerals and are sweet in themselves. The blackberry likes a sunny location. The more sun the plant gets, the more fruits it will bear. You can use the plant to overgrow a wall, climbing frame or make a hedge. The blackberry does need help climbing by using a wire or climbing frame. It likes humus-rich soil. In winter, the blackberry loses its leaves. Prune regularly, both in spring and autumn. After harvesting, completely prune away the branches on which the fruit has been sitting.