Rubus fruticosus ‘Lochness’

Rubus fruticosus Loch Ness’ is a thornless blackberry with medium-strength growth and high production of flavourful blackberries. It bears fruit early but also for a long time, from the beginning of August until October. So you can enjoy the delicious sweet and firm fruits that are full of minerals for a longer time. The fact that the bushes have no spines does not affect the taste of the fruit, but they are more child-friendly without spines and easier to pick. The plants can withstand shade, but will give more fruit in a sunny and sheltered spot. Thick branches should be tied back in spring, as these produce the best fruit. Prune away anything that is still too much by then. Use a wall or fence to guide the branches with wires. The wires can also be stretched between two posts. Blackberries produce fruit on stems formed the previous year. Prune regularly, this can be done in both spring and autumn. After harvesting, completely prune away the branches that have borne fruit. Regular pruning also prevents the spread of diseases. Rubus fruticosus Loch Ness’ tolerates light frost, but we advise you to protect this blackberry when it starts to freeze more than 10°C. This can cause damage or even lead to frost. This can cause damage or even cause the bush to die.”