Prunus cerasus morellenfeuer

‘Prunus Cerasus Morellenfeuer’ is a delicious cherry variety with a sour flavour. The cherry tree blooms in April with white flowers. The dark red fruits with long stems can be picked around July. The cherries can only be stored for a short time, so they are especially suitable for direct consumption. Furthermore, you can process them as jam, juice or as a garnish for ice cream, cakes and desserts. They are high in carbohydrates, calcium and vitamin C. The cherry tree grows in almost all soils. However, it is important that the soil is sufficiently moist and nutrient-rich. Plant the cherry tree in a sunny spot so that enough sunlight falls on the cherries. Prune the tree after you have harvested. Prune away new branches that are not part of the tree canopy. Do you see branches crossing each other? Then prune away one of those branches. Are there branches that did not have cherries on them this year? Then prune those back to the trunk. In short, an easy cherry tree suitable for any garden.