Prunus domestica opal

‘Prunus Domestica Opal’ is a plum tree with juicy and sweet fruits that have a purple-red colour on the outside and yellow flesh. This plum is not critical in terms of the type of soil it stands in, almost impervious to disease and self-pollinating. So it does not need another tree for pollination. It is an early ripening plum whose fruit can be picked from July. It is a fine hand plum, but also extremely suitable for compote and jam. In general, ‘Prunus domestica Opal’ does not need much pruning. If you want to prune, it is best to do so after flowering. In the end, make sure the tree is open with a few main branches, from which the side branches emerge. It is a plum tree that will provide lots of flowers and its own fruit in your garden. All fruit, including plums, ripens best in the sun. Therefore, give this fruit tree the sunniest possible spot in the garden.