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1) Where does your Tasty Green fruit plant come from?

C) From a nursery – your Tasty Green fruit plant is grown with lots of love by the men and women at Perfect Garden’s nursery.

2) The soil in the pot is made from...

C) Banana peels and leaves – It sounds strange, but the waste from your organic waste bin used to make compost.

So, your salad leaves, banana peels, old flowers and trimmings from the garden provide the soil that the grower uses for the fruit plants.

3) What does your Tasty Green plant get to drink?

D) Rainwater – Usually, plants in a nursery get water from the canal. But that’s not so good for the groundwater level and the animals and plants in and around the canal.

Therefore, our grower uses rainwater to water the Tasty Green fruit plant. The rainwater is collected in a very large basin, almost as big as a swimming pool.

Rainwater is also very good: it contains many natural minerals that are essential for the plant

4) What does your Tasty Green plant get to eat?

A) Cow poo – Of course, there are no cows walking around the nursery. With their fat butts, they would probably run over all the plants or snack on their leaves.

No. The cow dung is collected from the farmer and Pokon makes them into food tablets in their factory. These tablets are 100% organic. So there are no unnatural growth substances added.

5) After a few months, you give your plant...

A) A little nutrition After a few months, you give your Tasty Green fruit plant an extra boost to grow by giving it 12 Pokon food tablets.

This will give the plant extra energy it needs to start producing fruit.

6) What is the ELHO plant pot made of?

B) 12 Empty plastic bottles of washing detergent – Really? Only from washing detergent bottles? No, it is not. But if you grind 12 empty plastic detergent bottles into small shreds, ELHO would have enough plastic to make another pot out of.

7) On the site of ELHO you will find?

C) A windmill and 2 million bees – On the ELHO site there is a huge windmill. That wind is the 100% natural energy supplier of the factory.

There are also 2 million bees flying around in the backyard of the ELHO factory.

Not that they can make pots, they are very important for nature. And consequently also for us.

8) Who is one of the biggest enemies of the fruit plant?

C) A louse – You would say your pet, but no! It’s the louse. The aphid to be precise. This tiny green creature loves the juices of the fruit plant. It sucks all the good juices from the leaves of the plant, which eventually dies as a result. And aphids lay a lot of eggs, so you will have a lot of them in no time if you are not careful. They also secrete a kind of greasy substance, which makes e.g. garden furniture feel greasy.

9) Who pollinates the flowers, so that the fruits appear?

B) The bee – A bee loves nectar. This sweet liquid is found in flowers. Flowers make it on purpose to attract them, because they know bees like it. But before a bee can reach the nectar, it has to pass the flowers’ pollen with its buttocks. When a bee reaches another flower, it fertilizes it with the pollen on its abdomen. That is called fertilization. And that is how fruits are produced. So, bees are very important! At Perfect Garden’s nursery, many bees are therefore buzzing around the greenhouse in search of nectar. And soon in your garden or balcony some bees will come to visit too.

10) Who or what protects your fruit plant from enemies?

D) Ladybirds – So aphids are enemies of fruit plants. Sometimes people buy chemical pesticides in a garden center to get rid of the aphids. There are growers who use them too. The growers of Perfect Garden, who grow the Tasty Green fruit plants, absolutely do not! There is a very good remedy against aphids. Well… A remedy? An animal!


Did you know that ladybirds love aphids? So, our growers are sending an army of ladybirds into the greenhouse. Good luck guys! Enjoy your meal! In this way we protect our fruit plants against the enemies of the Tasty Green fruit plants in an entirely organic way.