Red summer raspberry

Rubus idaeus ‘Malling Promise’

Rubus idaeus Malling Promise’ is one of the best known raspberry varieties. This raspberry is self-pollinating and flowers in late spring with inconspicuous, small white-pink flowers that attract bees and bumblebees. After flowering, the raspberries develop. The fruits are fairly soft and bright red in colour when and have a mild flavour. Rubus idaeus Malling Promise’ is a summer raspberry, fruits can be picked from July onwards. Raspberries are delicious to make jam and juice from, but they also taste great fresh from the bush and in desserts or cakes. Rubus idaeus Malling Promise’ is a strong grower and, like any raspberry, needs to be well trained and pruned for the best yield and flavour of the fruit. It is a classic, productive summer raspberry that produces fairly large fruits of good taste.