Stewing Pear

Pyrus communis Geiser Wildeman

‘Pyrus communis Gieser Wildeman’ is a stewing pear. The pear tree flowers in July and will have ripe fruit by mid-October. The fruit is small and brownish-yellow in colour with lots of rust. It is a slightly sweet stewing pear with grainy flesh. Cooking the stewing pear turns the flesh dark brown-red. Besides the fruit, the pear tree also has other ornamental qualities. The tree has blossom in spring, its leaves are fresh green and turn yellow to orange-red autumn colours in autumn. Insects and butterflies love the flowers and pears. The advantage is that wasps can also find everything by this tree and so are less likely to come onto your terrace. The pear tree does best in a sunny/semi-shaded spot in the garden. Pruning the pear tree is best done in winter. Create an open tree with a number of main branches, from which the side branches emerge.