Planting and caring

How do I care for my Tasty Green plant??

Step 1

Here’s how: You have received your Tasty Green fruit plant from the delivery service. When you take the plant out of its box, it is good to let it regain its natural shape. If you’ve been sitting in a car for a long time, don’t you want to stretch your legs, right?

The box can be thrown away with the paper.


Step 2

Remove the pot from the plant (throw it in the plastic recycling bin). Dip the plant for 10 seconds in a bucket of water. It likes it and gives it a good start before it goes into the ornamental pot.

ELHO has a pot for everyone’s taste. These plastic pots are made very sustainably in a factory that runs on wind energy.


Step 3

Put a layer of Pokon hydro grains in the bottom of the pot. These make sure that the soil can get rid of any excess moisture, so it doesn’t get soggy or muddy. Then, put a layer of Pokon soil on top of the hydro grains. Place the plant on top. Fill the pot with soil around the plant, up to about 2 cm below the edge. Press the soil around the plant firmly. But not too firmly, because the plant does not like that either.

Step 4

On top of the soil, you might want to sprinkle some Pokon hydro grains. It ensures that weeds grow less fast. If you plant your plant in the garden, it is wise to rake the top layer of the pressed-on soil a little bit loose. Then the water can easily reach the roots.

Step 5

Give your Tasty Green fruit plant a little water every other day. Not too much, because of course it is not a water plant! Just make sure the soil feels a little moist and not muddy!

Did you know that rainwater is actually much healthier for plants? It contains many natural minerals which your fruit plant loves!

With a nice ELHO rain barrel and watering can, you can make sure that your plant will be shining with its fruits after 5 months!

Step 6

You would like to have something else than just string beans, wouldn’t you? Well, your plant does too! Always nothing else than water gets pretty boring.


After about 5-6 months, it is time to give your Tasty Green a power boost!  With the 100% organic fertilizer tablets from Pokon, you give your plant that little boost.

If you prick 12 holes in the soil with your finger here and there, you put a Pokon tablet in each hole. Close the hole and your Tasty Green fruit plant is happy again!