Japanese wineberry


Rubus Phoenicolasius

‘Rubus Phoenicolasius’ is a Japanese wineberry. It is a decorative climbing plant that also has delicious fruit. The Japanese wineberry really originates from Japan and is closely related to blackberry and raspberry. The fruits are red in colour and are most tasty when picked fresh. The fruits have a somewhat bland, fresh, sweet-sour flavour and are very vitamin-rich. They feel somewhat sticky to the touch. The darker the colour the more flavour they get. The stems of the Japanese wineberry have stiff hairs and are red in colour these give the plant an exotic appearance. Every year the berry blooms on the previous year’s wood and makes new branches that bear fruit the following year. The wood that has borne fruit can be pruned in winter and the new branches can be left in winter. The Japanese wineberry flowers every year in May and June. Bees and bumblebees love this plant when it flowers. Harvesting is in July and August. It likes a sunny spot and prefers a humus-rich, moist soil.